Work From Home Or Work From Anywhere?

Do you want an opportunity to work from home? Or is it freedom itself that you are truly after? The answer for me is easy. I want the freedom. I have been chained to my brick and mortar businesses long enough. Stealing a three day weekend here and there isn’t the kind of annual vacation plans I have for my three children and certainly isn’t the freedom I expect from being an entrepreneur. I realize great effort is involved in building a business. I renewing a focus on putting in a concerted effort in building it up front and then letting it run and maintain profitability for the long term. This requires a system, which is the cornerstone of this internet marketing plan.

I do like the fact that I have not had a boss in almost ten years. I have enjoyed success in my mortgage business. The problem is that I was never really leveraged. The automation was never in place. Given the current changes in the mortgage business I don’t know if I can ever be leveraged and gain the freedom I wanted from being my own boss. So started what I call — “The Search”. This search lasted almost a full year andWork from anywhere was necessary for me to gain experience and first hand knowledge of all the junk that is put out there.

When I started searching for a work from home “exit strategy”, I had a few qualifying factors in mind. One was that the company had to be legitimate, honest and reputable. If I was going to put my reputation and name on something then it needed to be completely legitimate. The second factor was that it needed to be profitable. Thirdly, I wanted to be able to work from my laptop – from anywhere. Work from home sounds good, but “working from anywhere” sounds better. There were many other factors I was looking for in a work from home business opportunity but I will keep it to three here.

I am enjoying the work in this business model. The work is not hard, although it’s easy to become overwhelmed with information at times. That said, there’s definitely a learning curve as I have not done much in the way of internet marketing in my other businesses. I am already receiving the rewards in five short weeks and that is very motivating and re-enforces my commitment. I have run a franchise before where it took three years to reach a break even point and that wasn’t even factoring in my start up costs.