Losing Weight Without Pills


For some of us, losing weight (without pills especially) seems about as likely as Brad Pitt’s car breaking down at your front door. With a broken phone, a lust for tap-water and temporary amnesia of course. (For the guys among us… Angelina? You pick.) However, sometimes we forget the relentless capacity that we as human beings have when we set our mind to it.

In fact, we can create life, build a house and learn a new language all in under a year so surely losing some pounds off of our OWN body (with the right tailored wisdom) should take just a matter of weeks, right? The body will only follow instructions set out for it by the mind so we are the ones in control even if sometimes it doesn’t feel like it. We just need a bit of direction…a bit of help… and from someone who has been there and got the smaller T-shirt (someone losing weight without pills and medications, of course)

So, let’s just cut to the point – You want to begin losing some weight. Maybe lots of weight. It doesn’t matter. Losing weight without pills is possible no matter who you are but I want to remind you of something before you make that decision to lose weight in 2011 and I’m deadly serious.

Huge companies that sell engineered weight loss supplements/chemical pills are aware of your desperation, they know you want fast results, they have hired Leanbean results before and after advertising ‘gurus’ who know what emotions and weaknesses to play on in order to get you to try their alluring solutions and with their rose tinted glasses painted on, they ignore the chemicals they’re using to get this quick and easy solution that you want.

Money for them, results for you – everyone wins…. but not quite. Because, well… it’s dangerous! A wise man once told me that if you cannot grow something in your garden, then the body wasn’t designed to ingest it. Maybe the body will handle it for a while and maybe it’ll even forgive you the first few times but with every extra toxin you put into it – just like a friend that you keep letting down – it’ll eventually give up or make you pay for it. This will never happen if you try losing weight without pills.

Let me elaborate – A recent, reputable study confirmed that two randomly selected weight loss pills had in fact, increased the heart rate and blood pressure of their candidates by up to 18% after taking them for just a week! They hadn’t lost that much weight in those 7 days but had gained an impending heart attack… super.

Long term effects of using these dieting aids can then lead to hypertension and heart disease and yet ironically, those of us carrying some extra weight want to lose pounds to AVOID these very conditions!

Losing weight without pills means finding natural methods of achieving the same resu