Important Facts About Weight Loss Pills

As a stimulant, phentermine is an appetite depressant that impacts on the central nervous system. It is usually combined with diet and exercises to help in the treatment of obesity especially in people who are subjected to risks such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. It is also useful for other types of purposes and the user needs to get more information from their doctors or the pharmacists.

It comes into 2 forms: in tablets and capsules with extended release. Users are supposed to take a single dose on a daily basis while others are required to take it three times a usually 30 minutes before a meal. The users are required to follow the instructions on the prescription label and ask their doctors or pharmacists for more explanations in case they do not understand some parts as indicated. It is also recommended that the users ensure that they have taken Phentermine as the doctors and pharmacist has described sinceLeanbean female weight loss it is a habit-forming drug. Most of the times, the tablets or capsules are to be taken within 3-6 weeks but the length depends on how the user responds to it. Those taking the extended release capsules should not crush or chew them and if they want to do so, they can get the tablets that can be crushed to be mixed with the food.

When it comes to the doses, the doctors recommend that these tablets be taken in combination with a diet and exercise program because they work at their best. In case a user has forgotten to take a tablet, it is important that they take one as soon as possible. In the case where the dose is almost at the same time with the next one, they should not take a double dose to make up for it; instead, they should to skip the forgotten dose and continue with their normal dosage.

The storage of these tablets and capsules is very important. Users are required to keep them in tightly closed containers they came in. They are also advised to keep them out of children’s reach and at room temperature. The medications should also be kept away from extra heat and moisture. The medication that is no longer needed or that has expired should be disposed. The users are asked to find out the proper disposal methods for this medication from their doctors and/or pharmacists.