A Walk To The Supermarket: Observations On Human Nature

I’m in a fortunate position where I can easily walk to the supermarket and get my daily quota of groceries, as well as my daily quota of exercise – killing two birds with one stone as it were. In terms of the highlight of the day, it surely does rank as that – only the worst highlight of the day.


I’m convinced that drivers are the scum of the globalmomschallenge.org earth. There’s something about getting behind the wheel of a car that turns many a decent human being into a raving selfish lunatic. For example:

*I’ve had it happen, not frequently but too frequently for comfort, that while crossing a road, for lack of a crosswalk or traffic lights, an approaching car in the distance will all of a sudden speed up and slightly alter course to head or aim directly for me, as if I’m somehow trespassing on their personal turf. The driver, ten times out of ten, is male.

*Again not frequently, but too frequently for comfort, I’ve had a car-full of young male hoons passing by who find it a delightful pleasure to yell obscenities out the window at pedestrians. Brave lads one and all of course, passing by in a speeding vehicle, since of course the lone pedestrian, a total stranger is obviously a major threat to their wellbeing and has grievously insulted them by the mere fact of existing.

*Speaking of drivers, an awful lot of them must be on the road heading towards a really HOT date, given their excessive speed.

*And whether it’s a speeding driver, or even a shopper in the supermarket, texting and talking on their mobile is infinitely more important than paying attention to their driving or their shopping. That’s odd behavior since presumably, in either case, the reason they are driving or in the supermarket in the first place, is to drive or to shop.

*There’s one pedestrian crosswalk between home and the supermarket, and I usually try to time things to make at least one driver stop or at least slow down for me as I cross, not that that little road rule means much sometimes as not all drivers care to slow down, far less stop, for a pedestrian who is on their turf, resulting in some close calls. One idiot driver chose not to slow down far less stop in full sight of a passing police vehicle – tisk, tisk. I bet that’s one driver who won’t be pulling that stunt again.

*And then there are those cyclists who use the sidewalks instead of the road, which normally isn’t a pro